We need Pipelines

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Getting where you need to go

Getting Where You Need to Go

Pipelines deliver affordable and plentiful fuels to help Americans get where we need to go.
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Pipeline jobs

Creating Jobs

Pipelines help create thousands of good-paying jobs all across America in the construction, manufacturing, professional and service industries.
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Supplying resource

Supplying Resources

From supplying raw materials for products we use every day to comfortably heating our homes, pipelines make our lives easier.
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Find downloadable fact sheets, video content, social media graphics and other materials on subjects from pipeline safety and construction to consumer benefits and more.

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Pipelines are the safest way to deliver the energy we need and use. 99.999% of products delivered by pipelines reach their destination safely. That said, pipeline operators are constantly working to keep their pipelines safe through proactive inspections, preventive maintenance, and 24/7 pipeline monitoring.

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Pipeline operators know communicating with residents and other stakeholders who value safety, from advocates to the government, is vital to improving safety. We are committed to engaging with local communities and being good neighbors.

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