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Pipelines are the safest way to deliver energy through and to our communities. A barrel of energy delivered by liquids pipeline reaches its destination safely 99.999% of the time. We also know we have a role to play in the community as a good neighbor, a partner in keeping pipelines safe and being ready to respond to any emergencies.
Pipeline representative and married couple communicate in their living room.

Community Engagement

Pipeline operators are committed to engaging with local communities and being good neighbors. We know that communicating with residents and other stakeholders who value safety, from advocates to the government, is vital to improving safety.
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Pipeline construction worker operates on pipeline.

Pipeline Construction

Pipelines are designed for their operating conditions, constructed with quality certified steel, assembled with qualified personnel and pass multiple inspections before operation.
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Firefighter talking into his walkie-talkie with firetruck in the background.

Ready to Respond

Pipeline releases, while rare, do sometimes occur. When that happens, pipeline operators work together with local first responders, to respond as quickly as possible, perform any cleanups, and then investigate what happened.
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Landowner Relations

Pipeline companies considering a new liquids pipeline project are committed to treating landowners fairly, openly and with respect. We train our employees and representatives interacting with landowners to be responsive, consistent, and uphold commitments we make to them.

Pipeline representative walking with landowner