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New pipelines are designed and built with high-tech materials and monitoring systems. Cutting edge technology helps us find and fix issues before they become a problem.
Smart pigs are high-tech inspections tools that can see inside the pipe like an ultrasound or MRI at the doctor's office. High-tech pipeline inspection sensors bounce sound waves off the pipe wall to ensure there are no cracks.

Pipeline operators inspect their pipelines on regular schedules with diagnostic tools called


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How do we keep #pipelines safe? Tools like smart pigs have the same technology doctors use for ultrasounds, allowing us to find issues in the pipes before they become problems. Click to Tweet

#PipelineSafety Fact: Pipelines are equipped with sensors and gauges that we monitor 24/7/365.  We use inspection tools called “smart pigs” to look for cracks and corrosion on pipelines. These tools have helped reduce corrosion-related incidents by 76% in the last 20 years! Click to Tweet

Smart pigs—the tools we use to inspect #pipelines—can detect cracks as small as 1mm deep and 25mm long. These high-tech tools help our engineers stop issues before they become a problem. Click to Tweet

With miles of #pipeline to monitor and terabytes of data to analyze, we rely on high-tech innovation and a specially trained workforce to keep our pipes safe. Click to Tweet

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