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Pipeline Basics: Smart Locations

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Pipelines can go around wetlands and protected habitats
Pipelines follow careful routes to bring you energy
Pipelines Deliver Propane For Rural Homes and Farms
Pipelines can follow existing utility corridors
Pipelines can avoid waterbodies by tunneling beneath
Pipelines Make Local Gas Abundant and Affordable
Avoiding Water In Action

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#Pipelines minimize their environmental impact by selecting routes that limit impacts to sensitive areas, follow existing utility corridors, and tunnel deep beneath waterbodies. 
#Pipeline operators design the routes of their lines to limit impacts to environmentally sensitive areas. One major project adjusted its originally proposed route over 140 times to avoid sensitive locations.

Underground #pipelines make their deliveries without getting in the way. Grass, plants and wildlife flourish over them.

Did you know? Once a #pipeline is constructed and covered in topsoil, wildlife and greenery flourish above the pipeline, and in agricultural areas, farmers can grow crops.
#Pipelines delivering propane to rural America travel under pastures and cropland. 
#Pipelines can travel safely far beneath streams, rivers and other bodies of water by tunneling deep below them. 
A tunnel can be drilled deep beneath a waterway and assembled #pipeline pulled through to deliver energy without touching water along the way. 
#Pipeline builders protect the environment by choosing routes that avoid sensitive areas. 
#Pipelines can be directed around dense urban centers and environmentally sensitive areas to bring you energy.


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