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Pipelines Deliver Propane for Rural Homes and Farm
Farmers Grow Crops Above Pipelines
Pipelines Deliver Products We Need
Pipelines Deliver Your Energy
Wildlife and Greenery Flourish Above Pipelines
Pipelines Can Avoid Waterbodies by Tunneling Beneath

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#Pipelines delivering propane to rural America travel under pastures and cropland. Farmers can grow their row crops right on top.

#Pipelines deliver propane to rural America travel under pastures and cropland.

Farmers depend on #pipeline delivered propane to dry their crops after harvest.

Turkey producers depend on #pipeline delivered propane to keep their barns warm throughout the winter.

Livestock owners depend on #pipeline delivered propane to keep their barns warm during cold weather.

Forcing energy delivery off of #pipelines and onto trains makes it harder for farmers to get their harvest to market.

Farmers have a tough time getting the fertilizer they need when trains instead of #pipelines are delivering energy.

Affordable energy delivered by #pipeline is especially important in rural areas where people need to drive long distances.

Farm equipment takes a lot of fuel, making affordable energy delivered by #pipeline vital.

America’s robust #pipeline infrastructure delivers abundant and affordable fuel to you.

You might not live in an area where fuel is produced, but #pipelines ensure you have access to affordable fuel, no matter where you live.

America can keep fuel prices in check because #pipelines ensure safe delivery of fuel across the country.

No matter where you live or where you work, you can get where you need to go thanks to affordable fuel delivered by #pipelines.

Think about what you use fuel for every day, whether for transportation, home heating, powering equipment, or drying crops, affordable fuel is delivered safely to you by #pipelines.

#Pipelines are underground and out of the way, allowing wildlife to flourish above and farmers to plant crops while delivering affordable fuel to Americans.

Everybody knows #pipelines carry crude oil from its source to refineries. But did you know that pipelines also deliver the affordable gasoline, diesel, and home heating fuels you need and use every day?

Propane for cooking and heating rural homes is delivered to your area by one kind of #pipeline. Home heating oil is delivered to cold-weather areas by another pipeline. 

#Pipelines not only help you get where you need to go, they bring you the comforts of home.

#Pipelines can travel safely far beneath streams, rivers, and other bodies of water by tunneling deep below them.

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