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Protecting Family Budgets

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Families shouldn’t have to wonder how they are going to afford to fill up their gas tanks and heat their homes. #Pipelines help keep energy affordable.

Families need affordability. #Pipelines help ensure Americans have access to affordable energy.

#Pipeline infrastructure helps keep the essentials affordable for American families.

Affordable energy delivered by #pipeline helps American families protect their budgets.

Affordable energy delivered by #pipeline is an essential part of the supply chain.

American families are saving over $200 billion annually in energy costs thanks to increased natural gas and oil production delivered by #pipelines.

A family can save approximately $2,500 each year on energy because of new oil and gas production delivered by #pipelines.

For some families, staying warm in the winter, getting to work, or running the air conditioning in the summer is a struggle. #Pipeline-delivered energy has helped America save billions each year.

Tight family budgets spread across rent or a mortgage, medical expenses and food also need to pay for energy. #Pipelines help households save thousands each year.

#Pipelines delivering affordable energy protect family budgets. A 10% increase in household energy costs can lead to approximately 840,000 people across the U.S. being pushed into poverty.

#Pipelines don’t just deliver fuel savings. Insulation, roofing and siding that help save energy costs are made from raw materials delivered by pipeline.

Transporting energy by rail can cost over double the cost of delivering by #pipeline.

American families need affordable gas prices to get where we need to go.

Cold weather households depend on affordable #pipeline-delivered heating fuel to fuel furnaces.

Rural households depend on affordable #pipeline-delivered propane to fuel their stoves, water heaters and furnaces.

#Pipelines can deliver energy at 50% or lower cost than alternative transportation modes like trains, and much lower in cost than trucks.

Higher energy prices strain limited family budgets. When energy prices go up, families are forced to decide between basic essentials like food, medicine, clothing and paying bills.

Minority households at twice the national average are forced to choose between reducing or forgoing food or medicine to pay higher energy costs.

Getting to a good-paying job across town depends on affordable gasoline or diesel delivered by #pipelines.

A good-paying job may not be available where you can afford to live – affordable energy delivered by #pipelines helps you get where you need to go.

The gig economy supplying so many new jobs depends on affordable gasoline and diesel delivered by #pipelines.

Affordable energy delivered by #pipelines helps make life more equitable. 

The energy transition may leave some behind if we don’t ensure we can still get affordable energy delivered by #pipelines as long as we need it.

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