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Preventive Maintenance

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#Pipeline engineers design preventive maintenance plans to address issues long before they become a problem. #PipelineSafety  
Proactive inspections allow pipeline operators to perform preventive maintenance on their pipes. #PipelineSafety 
#Pipeline operators perform preventive maintenance on their pipes to address potential issues before they become a problem.  
#Pipeline operators develop customized maintenance plans for each of their pipelines.  
Congress regularly updates federal pipeline safety laws. These protections ensure the nation's #pipeline network remains the safest in the world.  
#Pipeline operators can access a buried pipe if maintenance is needed.  
#Pipeline maintenance workers can add more protective coating if needed.  
#Pipeline maintenance workers can install a protective sleeve if needed.  
#Pipeline maintenance keeps pipes operating safely.  
Proactive inspections, preventive maintenance and 24/7 monitoring all keep #pipelines operating safely over time.  
Proactive inspections and preventative maintenance make #pipelines the safest way to transport petroleum products. 99.999% of products transported by pipeline reach their destination safely.   
How do #pipelines stay safe over time? Operators monitor their pipes 24/7 and ensure they are maintained in order to address issues before they ever become a problem, just like any other infrastructure.  

Engineers, steelworkers, electricians, painters and technicians keep infrastructure operating safely. #Pipelines have their own specially trained technicians that keep them safe over time.

#Pipelines are transportation infrastructure we can maintain and keep operating safely over time.  
The Chair of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board testified to Congress: “If a pipeline is adequately maintained and inspected, age is not an issue.”

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