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Products derived from oil and natural gas make the manufacturing of over 6,000 everyday products and high-tech devices possible. 

Modern life is made possible by the products delivered by #pipelines. 

Modern life relies on products delivered by #pipelines. 

Did you know #pipelines don’t just deliver fuel? They deliver the raw materials used to make the things you use every day.  

What part of modern life can you live without? Technology? Medicine? A warm, affordable home? Products delivered by pipelines make these things possible. 

No matter what activity you’re engaged in, from hobbies to work, #pipeline products are used in manufacturing the tools that make those things possible.  

Hitting the gym? Pipelines are fueling your workout. 

Did you know that material delivered by pipelines is used in more than half of all clothing? 

Manufacturing the things you use every day requires products delivered by #pipelines.  

Modern medicine is dependent on products delivered by #pipelines. 

Products delivered by pipeline are used in all areas of medicine. From pharmaceuticals to medical devices and equipment, doctors and patients depend on pipelines. 

Lifesaving medical devices like MRIs, IVs, pacemakers, and more are made using products delivered by pipeline. 

With Over 6000 products and counting, #pipeline delivered products are a cornerstone of modern life that will be needed for decades to come.  

#Pipelines get you where you need to go, but did you know it’s not just the fuel that makes it possible? From electronics to tires to the clothes on your back, pipelines deliver the raw materials.  

From prosthetics to wheelchairs, to hearing aids, to artificial joints, the products delivered by #pipelines are used to create devices that make the world more accessible.