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Pipelines Provide Good-Paying Jobs
Pipelines Provide Good-Paying Jobs
Alternative Energy Jobs Often Pay Fewer People Less Money Than Pipelines
Alternative Green Jobs Often Pay Less
Don't Kill Good-Paying Existing Jobs
Don't Force Lower Pay
Building and Operating Our Pipeline Network Provides Thousands of Good-Paying Jobs
Pipeline Projects Offer Good-Paying Jobs That Can Support a Family

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Building and operating America’s #pipeline network provides thousands of good-paying jobs.

Jobs in alternative sectors often do not pay as much as #pipeline jobs and are fewer in number.

America’s entire oil and gas sector of more than 10 million jobs depends on #pipelines delivering that energy.

Pipeline operators in engineering, computer technology and business operations average between $40 and $50 an hour. #PipelineWorkersEarnMore

#Pipeline projects offer good-paying jobs that can support a family. The median hourly wage for a #pipeline construction trades worker is $30.03 per hour. Pipelayers specifically make on average $30.51 an hour.

Over the course of a year, a pipeline worker would lose $17,850 in wages if forced to transition to a solar installation job. #PipelineWorkersEarnMore

Wind turbine service technician median pay is $24.41 an hour or nearly 20% lower and nearly $12,000 in lost wages compared to a pipeline worker. #PipelineWorkersEarnMore

The shift from conventional jobs to new green jobs can often mean fewer jobs at lower pay. #PipelineWorkersEarnMore

#Pipelines not only deliver the resources that power our daily lives, they also support millions of American jobs.

#Pipelines fuel the American Dream by creating good-paying jobs that support families and build futures.

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