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Pipelines don't just create jobs in construction. They create positions in manufacturing, professional services, finance & insurance, and healthcare.
A single major pipeline construction project is estimated to employ nearly 7,000 construction workers, and provide workers and their families over $300 million in salary and benefits
Building a major pipeline can create over 40,000 constructions jobs paying over $2 billion in payroll
Over 500 workers are needed to construct each 100 mile section of pipeline
Pipeline supplied refineries are a great source of good-paying jobs
The natural gas and oil industry supports 10.3 million jobs across the economy
Pipelines support American jobs
10.3 million jobs created by the oil and gas industry

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#Pipelines play a crucial role in the nation’s economy, connecting American workers to millions of energy jobs. Click to Tweet
From construction and manufacturing to professional and service jobs, our #pipeline industry supports millions of workers across the country. Click to Tweet
New pipelines delivering energy spur the creation of jobs for millions of Americans in the energy economy. Click to Tweet
Good-paying construction, manufacturing, transportation and refining jobs are all dependent on #pipelines. Click to Tweet 
Oil #pipelines not only provide the resources that power our daily lives, they also support millions of American jobs. Click to Tweet
Our #pipeline industry supports more than 10.3 million American jobs that keep our economy strong and provide for families across the nation. Click to Tweet
1 major #pipeline project = nearly 7,000 construction jobs. Pipeline jobs help Americans support their families. Click to Tweet
FACT: Building a single #pipeline can create 40,000 jobs across multiple sectors and pay over $2 BILLION in payroll to American workers. Click to Tweet
#Pipeline projects support jobs in many industries. Among other industries like farm, transportation, warehousing, forestry & fisheries, real estate, mining, utilities, and more, a pipeline project can create nearly 13,000 jobs and over $500 million in payroll. Click to Tweet
DYK? One major #pipeline construction project can support over 5,000 jobs in the professional services sector and $300+ million in earnings for those workers. #PipelineJobs Click to Tweet

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