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Pipelines power our economy
Pipelines: Reliable Energy. Reliable jobs.
Affordable energy delivered by pipelines means more room in your budget for other essentials
Making ends meet is easer with affordable energy delivered by pipelines
Pipelines support jobs across many industries
Pipelines Create Jobs
The natural gas and oil industry supports 10.3 million jobs
Pipelines Get You Where You Need To Go
Pipelines Are Lifelines That Fuel Memories
Affordable Housing Depends on Pipelines
Pipelines Are Lifelines That Fuel My Memories

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#Pipelines are a reliable source of good-paying jobs for Americans.
#Pipelines help create jobs in many different industries, helping Americans support their families.
#Pipelines play a crucial role in America’s economy, supporting millions of jobs.
Essential #pipeline jobs provide thousands of families with a reliable income.
#Pipelines help American families make ends meet by keeping the essentials affordable.
Affordable fuel delivered by #pipelines helps American families stretch their budgets further.
Reliable energy delivered by #pipelines helps keep your lights on and your home warm.
Reliable energy reaches your family thanks to #pipelines.


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