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Most people live far away from where energy is produced. #Pipelines bring us energy where and when we need it.

Energy access is important for everyone, regardless of income level. #Pipelines give everyone access to energy.

Easy. Affordable. Everywhere. Gas stations are made possible by #pipelines.

Americans use 142 billion gallons of gas each year. Affordable and quick access to gas is important for everyone.  
America's #pipeline network makes affordable gas possible anytime, anywhere we need it.  
Many Americans rely on affordable access to heating oil and propane. #Pipelines deliver these fuels across the country.  
America is a big place. #Pipelines deliver energy so we can easily travel our 4.2 million miles of roads.  
With 20 million trips to the gas station per day, only #pipelines can deliver enough energy to power America.  
We need #pipelines to deliver energy from where it’s produced to where we need it.  

Think about the places you need to go every day and the distances you need to travel. #Pipelines make it possible.

No matter where you live in America, one thing you can depend on is readily available fuel for your home and vehicles because of #pipelines.

Grocery stores are stocked, businesses can grow, and Americans can get where they need to go because #pipelines make fuel accessible and affordable.

#Pipelines make it easy for you to get where you need to go. Your local gas station is the final point in a long supply chain delivering you the energy you need. 

Most of us don’t live near energy production regions in Texas and North Dakota. So, we need #pipelines to deliver that energy to us.

#Pipelines are needed to deliver gasoline and diesel fuel from far away refineries to our local areas

#Pipelines deliver crude oil from where it's produced to the refineries that turn it into products we need like gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. 
Cities and towns in America without their own refineries depend on #pipelines to deliver their gasoline and diesel fuel. 
The gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and home heating oil you use every day all travel by #pipeline.

#Pipelines carry jet fuel directly to airports, making travel easy and affordable. 

Heating fuel reaches cold regions of America by #pipeline. 
Underground #pipelines make their deliveries without getting in the way. Grass, plants and wildlife flourish over them. 
Did you know? Once a #pipeline is constructed and covered in topsoil, wildlife and greenery flourish above the pipeline, and in agricultural areas, farmers can grow crops. 
#Pipelines delivering propane to rural America travel under pastures and cropland.



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