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#811Day is coming up! Remind your neighbors to call before they dig. Even small projects can damage buried utilities. #CallBeforeYouDig #Call811

August 11 is #811Day! Remember, no matter how small your project, you should always #CallBeforeYouDig. #Call811

Tomorrow is 8/11 Day — a great reminder to always contact 811 before you dig to ensure you don’t damage underground #utilities. Whether you’re a professional or a homeowner, contact 811 if your summer plans involve digging! #811beforeyoudig #call811 #811Day

Happy 8/11 Day! Contacting 811 before digging is the easiest way to avoid damaging buried utilities. For every project, every time, Call 811 a few days in advance. Spread the word this 8/11 Day and help keep your employees and communities safe! #Call811 #811Day

It's #811Day so we want to remind you, whether you’re a homeowner or contractor you should always #CallBeforeYouDig. Keep your community safe and remember to #Call811.

Did you know that installing fence posts or tent poles can damage buried utilities and knock out power, internet and other vital services to your neighborhood? Always #Call811 before you break ground.

Calling 811 is always important, but damage to #utilities is more common during the summer months. This summer, be sure to #Call811 before you dig and make sure your hired contractors do the same to keep your utilities and community safe.

Do you know where utilities are buried on your property? Always #Call811 before you dig to prevent damage. It’s the law and it keeps your family safe. #CallBeforeYouDig

Things to know before starting your digging project:
☑️ Always #Call811
☑️ Follow safe excavation practices
☑️ Know your state’s laws and requirements
It’s never safe to assume the depth of #pipelines and other utilities. Depth changes due to erosion, previous digging projects, and other factors. #Call811 #CallBeforeYouDig

Planning a project that requires digging? No matter how small the project, #Call811 so underground utilities can be marked. It's the law! #Call811 #CallBeforeYouDig

Got a digging project? After calling 811, you must wait 3 working days for your lines to be marked. #Call811 #CallBeforeYouDig

Call 811 every time you dig! Erosion, root growth, and prior digging can alter the depth or location of buried lines on your property. #Call811 #CallBeforeYouDig

When excavating in a tolerance zone, use methods that protect underground utilities such as hand digging, soft digging, vacuum excavation methods, and other methods with the approval of the facility owner/operator. #Call811 #CallBeforeYouDig

Did you know #pipeline markers do not indicate the exact location of a pipeline? Always contact 811 before digging. #Call811 #CallBeforeYouDig

It’s never safe to assume the depth of #pipelines and other utilities. Depth changes due to erosion, previous digging projects, and other factors. #Call811 #CallBeforeYouDig

Damage to buried utilities such as pipelines is usually preventable. It most frequently occurs due to a breakdown in the damage prevention process. Always #Call811 before you dig. #CallBeforeYouDig

Even professional excavators can cause damage to pipelines and buried utilities. Always contact 811 before you dig. #Call811 #CallBeforeYouDig


Tomorrow, join us in celebrating 8/11 Day (Aug. 11), a natural reminder for homeowners and professionals alike to contact 811 prior to any digging project to have underground utility lines marked. Over 450,000 utility damages are reported each year because safe digging practices are not followed — share this important message with colleagues and friends to help keep communities safe! #811beforeyoudig #811Day #Call811 
Did you know summer has the highest rate of reported underground utility damages each year? Every few minutes an underground utility line is damaged because someone decided to dig without contacting 811, which can cause injury, repair costs, fines and inconvenient outages. Join us in celebrating 8/11 Day today to remind everyone to contact 811 prior to any digging project, large or small, to have underground utilities marked. #Call811 #811Day

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