Resources: Emergency Response

Pipeline releases, while rare, do sometimes occur. When that happens, pipeline operators work together with local first responders, government agency representatives, and cleanup contractors to respond as quickly as possible, perform any cleanups, and then investigate what happened. Information below highlights how operators prepare plans to respond, drill with their equipment and partners, and help first responders be ready.

Free On-Line Training for First Responders

Pipeline operators have teamed up with the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) to offer an outstanding pipeline emergencies training opportunity for first responders. This “The Pipeline Emergency Training Portal” program, provided at no charge, is available online, 24/7. The training is self-paced: you may progress through the online modules at a rate that is comfortable to your learning style and that accommodates your busy schedule.

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Firefighter assisting another firefighter by walking him through the online training.