Community Engagement

Pipeline operators are committed to engaging with local communities and being good neighbors. We know that communicating with residents and other stakeholders who value safety, from advocates to the government, is vital to improving safety. We also value local residents communicating with us, sharing any concerns about proposed projects and letting us know if they plan to dig around or see something wrong with existing pipelines.  

Partners In Keeping Pipelines Safe

Pipeline operators want to keep the public safe, and anyone can help by calling 811 before digging in the ground. Even if it’s a project as simple as installing a new deck or planting a tree, the national 811 program requires any pipelines in the area to mark their pipeline routes free of charge. Once you call, the pipeline company will come out to mark the area at no charge within 2-3 days, and you can begin work certain that you will be safe.

Pipeline leaks are rare but they can happen. If you see or smell something that looks or smells like oil or gasoline, please report it to the authorities. Pipeline operators are happy to make a visit to ensure there are no issues or respond with the proper resources to fix the problem.

Woman with shovel helping plant trees.
Pipeline constructor interacts with married couple on their land.

Working With Landowners

Pipeline companies considering a new liquids pipeline project are committed to treating landowners fairly, openly and with respect. To reflect this commitment, we are training our employees and representatives interacting with the public to negotiate with landowners in good faith, be responsive to their questions and concerns and consistent in upholding our commitments to them.

Pipeline operators joined together to develop a training program open to all pipeline companies. It is intended as a foundation for employee and representative interaction with landowners. These universal values reflect the ways we expect employees and representatives to engage with landowners when discussing new liquids pipeline projects. These core landowner commitments apply to both pipeline operator employees and their third-party representatives and consultants.

Find Pipelines In Your Region

Across the United States, over 200,000 miles of pipelines connect us to the benefits of affordable energy, helping us get where we need to go and making life more convenient. Find out if there is a pipeline near you.

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Map of pipeline routes in the United States.