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Pipelines Get You Where You Need To Go
Pipelines Are Lifelines That Fuel Memories
Affordable Housing Depends on Pipelines
Pipelines Are Lifelines That Fuel My Memories
Pipelines Deliver the Raw Materials to Power Your Lifestyle graphic
Pipelines Safely Transport Oil and Other Resources
Pipelines Fuel The Farms That Supply Your Community With Health and Affordable Foods
Pipelines Fuel The Farms That Feed Your Community
Pipelines Get You Where You Need To Go

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You don’t ever have to worry about getting around the city and doing the things you enjoy because of the reliable energy delivered by #pipelines. Pipelines help fuel your memories. #PipelinesAreLifelines Click to Tweet
Live your life on your own terms. You can meet up with friends and hit the town without a second thought thanks to the energy provided by #pipelines. #PipelinesAreLifelines Click to Tweet
You've got options for getting where you want to go because of readily available energy delivered by #pipelines. #PipelinesAreLifelines Click to Tweet
Convenient transportation is easier to find than ever no matter where you live. #Pipelines keep fuel prices down and your options open when you need to get somewhere.  Click to Tweet
Energy delivered by #pipeline helps you stay independent, making sure access to transportation is convenient and affordable no matter where you are. Click to Tweet
With cars, buses, trains, and planes you don’t need to worry about how you’re getting where you want to go. Transportation is quick and convenient with affordable fuel delivered by #pipelines available across the country.  Click to Tweet
Whether it’s transportation or the raw materials needed to make your travel gear, products delivered by #pipeline fuel make amazing experiences possible and fuel your memories. Click to Tweet
Before you ever take your journey, the fuel getting you there goes on its own journey through a #pipeline: Refinery—>Airport—>Airplane—> 🌎 Click to Tweet
DYK pipelines fuel your grocery store? #Pipelines deliver affordable fuel to farmers making it possible to grow and deliver healthy and natural foods to your neighborhood grocery store. Click to Tweet
America’s farmers depend on #pipelines to run their operations and make sure that communities like yours have a steady supply of healthy, natural foods in local grocery stores. Click to Tweet
Bringing affordable and healthy food to your local grocery store begins with #pipelines delivering the fuel American farmers need to grow and transport their crops. Click to Tweet
From affordable housing to convenient transportation, #pipelines deliver the products that make your life better. Click to Tweet
#Pipelines supply the raw materials needed to ensure Americans have access to affordable energy-efficient housing. Click to Tweet
Not only do #pipelines supply the fuel and raw materials that ensure communities have access to convenient and reliable transportation, durable housing, and healthy food—pipelines deliver 99.999% of those products safely. Click To Tweet

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