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Pipelines Fuel Your Holidays

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No matter what your plans are for the holidays—travel, gift exchanges, decorations, or wonderful meals—pipelines fuel your holiday celebrations. #PipelinesFuelYourHolidays 

 Products delivered by #pipelines help keep the lights on and your home warm during the holiday season. #PipelinesFuelYourHolidays  

Did you know your holiday meal is fueled by oil and gas? You use more oil and gas products in your kitchen than you realize. Your non-stick pan is made possible by the industry, as are your plastic containers, detergent to clean those containers, and more!   

Cooking with gas this holiday season? #Pipelines are fueling your holidays.  

Budgets can be tight during the holidays, but #pipelines make it possible to heat your home affordably all winter long. #PipelinesFuelYourHolidays  

It might get cold around the holidays, but American families can depend on affordable #pipeline-delivered heating fuel to stay warm. #PipelinesFuelYourHolidays 

More Americans are planning on traveling for the holidays this year, and whether you’re hitting the road or taking to the air, fuel from #pipelines will get you to your destination.  #PipelinesFuelYourHolidays 

Going home for the holidays would be impossible without the fuel delivered by #pipelines. #PipelinesFuelYourHolidays  

Whether you’re traveling to see friends or family this holiday season, fuel from #pipelines will bring your loved ones together. #PipelinesFuelYourHolidays  

Hitting the road for the holidays? #Pipelines ensure you have access to affordable fuel to get where you need to go. #PipelinesFuelYourHolidays  

America’s #pipelines help you get where you need to go during the holidays, whether it’s by car, truck or plane. #PipelinesFuelYourHolidays  

Flying somewhere for the holidays? Did you know when you catch a flight, the jet fuel on your airplane was delivered to the airport by #pipeline? #PipelinesFuelYourHolidays  

Decorations bring light and warmth to the holiday season. Did you know from the electricity powering them to the very building blocks of electronics pipelines make your holiday décor possible? #PipelinesFuelYourHolidays  

From the gifts we buy to decorations that adorn our homes, #pipeline products fuel our holidays. #PipelinesFuelYourHolidays  

Trucks delivering your holiday packages depend on fuel from #pipelines. #PipelinesFuelYourHolidays  

How much of your holiday gift list comes from #pipelines? Many consumer products come from petroleum products, including electronics, clothing, cosmetics, plastics, and thousands of other items. #PipelinesFuelYourHolidays  

Computers, smart pads, smart phones, robotic toys, and other electronic gifts on your list this holiday season all have a beginning in the oil and gas industry. #PipelinesFuelYourHolidays  

Trying to get that holiday shopping out of the way? Products derived from oil and natural gas make the manufacturing of thousands of products and high-tech devices possible.  #PipelinesFuelYourHolidays