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Pipelines Are Monitored 24/7
Pipelines Deliver Energy Safely
Pipelines Operate Safely
Pipelines Are Made of High-Grade Steel
Pipelines Keep You Warm
Pipelines Deliver
From Refineries to Us: Pipelines Carry Energy
Pipelines Deliver Products We Need
Pipelines Deliver The Products We Need

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#Pipelines are made of high-grade steel and wrapped in a protective coating to prevent corrosion.

Sensors on #pipelines monitor pressure, flow and send back signals that the pipeline is operating safely.

#Pipeline operators monitor pressure and flow from a control center 24/7 to make sure everything is running safely.

Electric pumps move fuel through a #pipeline with no air emissions.

#Pipeline operators open and close valves to start and stop fuel shipments.

#Pipelines travel underground to make their energy deliveries without getting in your way.

#Pipelines form an energy chain that delivers you the fuel you use to get where you need to go. 

#Pipelines bring energy from its source where it is produced to refineries where it is turned into products like gasoline. 

#Pipelines are how we move all the gasoline, diesel and jet fuel we use every day.

Without #pipelines, we would have no way to move all the fuels our nation of 300 million people needs every day.

America is a big country. Over 200,000 miles of liquids #pipelines are needed to deliver energy from where it is produced to where we need it. 

Americans use a lot of energy. Our national #pipeline network delivers over 20 billion barrels of crude oil and refined products like gasoline and diesel each year. 

#Pipelines deliver home heating fuels from refineries to cold parts of the country to help keep homes warm. 

Gasoline for your car and diesel fuel for your truck or the bus arrives in your local area by pipeline. 

Delivery trucks bringing packages to your neighborhood depend on pipelines. And when you catch a flight, the jet fuel on your airplane was delivered to the airport by pipeline.  

Propane for cooking and heating rural homes is delivered to your area by one kind of #pipeline. Home heating oil is delivered to cold-weather areas by another pipeline.

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