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Pipelines Fuel My Family
Pipelines get you where you need to go
Pipelines fuel your family's travel
Pipelines help keep millions of families' homes warm in the winter
Pipeline-supported jobs fuel your family
Pipelines power your lifestyle
Pipelines get you where you need to go

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#DidYouKnow 51% of parents spend upwards of 5 hours every week driving their kids around? Pipelines deliver the fuel that makes getting where you need to go affordable and convenient. #PipelinesAreLifelines that fuel your family. Click to Tweet

Energy from #pipelines is affordable and dependable, which means we have more freedom than ever to get where we need to go and support our families. #PipelinesAreLifelines Click to Tweet
American families depend on the reliable energy that comes from #pipelines to get to the store, ballet recitals and anywhere else they need to go. #PipelinesAreLifelines. Click to Tweet
It’s vital for American families to have access to affordable energy. Plentiful energy supplies delivered by #pipelines help build a future for our families. #PipelinesAreLifelines Click to Tweet
Your life is more manageable because the energy it takes to get where you need to go is delivered by #pipelines. #PipelinesAreLifeLines Click to Tweet
More Americans can provide for their families because of the jobs pipelines create in manufacturing, professional services, finance & insurance, and healthcare. #PipelinesAreLifelines that fuel your family. Click to Tweet

Your family has options to get where it needs to go. Whether it’s by car, bus, or plane, fuels delivered by pipelines make it possible. #PipelinesAreLifelines that fuel your family. Click to Tweet

From their farm to your family’s table, #pipelines carry the fuel America’s farmers use to supply healthy and natural food to grocery stores. #PipelinesAreLifelinesClick to Tweet

#Pipelines fuel the American Dream, from creating good-paying jobs to supplying the raw materials needed to build warm, durable homes. #PipelinesAreLifelines  Click to Tweet

Pipelines provide the raw materials needed to build heated, durable homes that keep families warm and safe. #PipelinesAreLifelines Click to Tweet

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