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Audience: Millennial Mom

Whether you’re swinging by the store or heading back home from soccer practice, the convenience of energy delivered by #pipelines helps fuel your family. #PipelinesAreLifelines Click to Tweet

American families depend on the reliable energy that comes from #pipelines to get to the store, ballet recitals and anywhere else they need to go. #PipelinesAreLifelines. Click to Tweet

Your life is more manageable because the energy it takes to get where you need to go is delivered by #pipelines. #PipelinesAreLifeLines Click to Tweet

Audience: Urban Dweller

You don’t ever have to worry about getting around the city and doing the things you enjoy because of the reliable energy delivered by #pipelines. Pipelines help fuel your memories. #PipelinesAreLifelines Click to Tweet

Live your life on your own terms. You can meet up with friends and hit the town without a second thought thanks to the energy provided by #pipelines. #PipelinesAreLifelines Click to Tweet

You've got options for getting where you want to go because of readily available energy delivered by #pipelines. #PipelinesAreLifelines Click to Tweet

Audience: Blue Collar

Getting to your next big sporting event is simple thanks to the reliable energy provided by the #pipelines that fuel your fandom. #PipelinesAreLifelines Click to Tweet

#Pipelines help fuel our passions by getting us where we need to go so we can spend more time doing what we love. #PipelinesAreLifelines Click to Tweet

Audience: Gen Z

Getting where you need to go with your favorite pup is easy with the help of affordable energy delivered by #pipelines. #PipelinesAreLifelines that fuel your free time. Click to Tweet

Playtime is anytime, and just a car ride away for you and your best friend with the reliable energy provided by #pipelines. #PipelinesAreLifelines Click to Tweet

Audience: Landowner

A reliable system of #pipelines delivers cost-effective fuel across the country, helping working Americans affordably fill their gas tanks. #PipelinesAreLifelines that fuel your freedom. Click to Tweet

Energy from #pipelines is affordable and dependable, which means we have more freedom than ever to get where we need to go and support our families. #PipelinesAreLifelines Click to Tweet

Audience: Millennial

Whether you’re headed to work or your favorite coffee shop, you don’t have to worry about getting where you need to go. #Pipelines deliver affordable energy that fuels your lifestyle. #PipelinesAreLifelines Click to Tweet

We rely on #pipelines more than we think. Energy delivered by #pipelines makes it easy to get from place to place and do all of the things you enjoy. #PipelinesAreLifelines Click to Tweet

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