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Environmental Protection Through Proactive Inspections Pipelines Choose Routes that Avoid Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Pipeline Operators Protect the Environment by Using Certified Construction Materials and Building Techniques Pipelines Protect the Environment by Regularly Practicing Response Plans with Local Authorities and First Responders

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Pipelines Prioritize Environmental Protection

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How do operators make sure they're prepared to protect the environment around #pipelines? They regularly train employees and work with first responders to implement response plans. Click to Tweet

#Pipeline operators monitor their systems from central control rooms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to protect people and the environment. Click to Tweet

#DidYouKnow? New #pipelines are drilled deep under major water bodies to protect and avoid contact with water resources. Click to Tweet

Operators design new #pipeline routes to avoid environmentally sensitive locations. Click to Tweet

New #pipelines protect the environment by using only certified steel pipe that meets or exceeds federal quality regulations. Click to Tweet

New #pipelines protect the environment by going into service only after they pass pre-operation testing demonstrating they are problem-free and ready for safe operations. Click to Tweet

Proactive inspections and preventive maintenance keep #pipelines safe and protect the environment. Click to Tweet

New #pipelines minimize environmental impacts by trying to follow along utility corridors with existing power or pipelines. Click to Tweet

#Pipeline operators protect the environment with extensive emergency response plans to handle a pipeline incident if one were to occur. Click to Tweet

#Pipeline operators limit their potential impact on the environment by regularly training with first responders to be ready for any situation. Click to Tweet

#Pipeline operators protect the environment by rapidly shutting down a pipeline if monitoring systems indicate a potential problem. Click to Tweet

#Pipeline operators protect the environment by remotely stopping pumps and closing isolation valves to limit the impact of any trouble. Click to Tweet

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