Affordable Energy

America is producing energy like never before and now leads the world in oil and gas production. The ability of our pipeline network to deliver all those new American energy supplies to market is putting a downward pressure on prices – the result: more affordable energy. Whether you are working to make end meet or just hope to spend your money on more important things, affordable energy helps us all.

Smiling mom carrying a grocery bag while getting out of her car.

Choosing Your Lifestyle

Affordable living can many times mean a long commute to work. Same can be said for just wanting more space. Raising your family where you choose is possible with affordable energy delivered by pipelines.

Comfortable Homes

Millions of families depend on affordable energy delivered by pipelines to keep their homes warm during the winter. Pipelines deliver propane to rural America and heating oil to the Northeast. Pipeline delivered raw materials help make carpets, couches, paints, siding and roofing to keep our families safe and comfortable.

Husband and wife smile with their two children while laying on their white rug in the living room.
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Making Ends Meet

Whether you’re just getting your career started, raising a family or living on a fixed budget in your golden years, making ends meet can be a challenge. Energy is more affordable because of plentiful supplies delivered by pipeline.

Traveling Long Distances

If getting where you need to go means you drive a lot, it’s important to have access to affordable energy. Rural America knows long days can often mean long drives. Affordable energy delivered by pipelines helps make those drives a little easier.

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